Investing in

a better world.

Bridge Impact Capital develops and invests in exceptional infrastructure projects in emerging markets, partnering with governments, multilateral institutions, private investors and development finance organisations to achieve outsized growth in profit and impact.


Our mission is to significantly improve people’s lives and positively affect the environment of the planet through investment in healthcare and renewable energy infrastructure. We accomplish this by identifying, developing and investing in projects that generate outstanding financial returns alongside achieving remarkable social and environmental impact.

Developing hospitals and healthcare facilities that are bringing world class healthcare to millions of people in emerging economies for the first time.
Providing clean energy through greenfield solar and other renewable energy infrastructure projects across Asia.


Our focus is always to generate the highest level of sustainable and measurable environmental and social impact alongside outstanding financial returns. 

The advancement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals is at the heart of all our projects.

All of the projects that we invest in are subject to and have passed an independent Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), have obtained Local Environmental Certification (LEC), and are governed by a comprehensive and measurable Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP).


Bridge Impact Capital invests in healthcare and renewable energy infrastructure assets with a minimum value of US$100m alongside private co-investors and government funded organisations using a Blended Finance model that materially de-risks investment, particularly during the higher risk pre-financial close and construction phases of an asset’s development.

Our investments are made through investment funds and other professional collaboration vehicles, all of which are established and managed by us.

Origination &

We work hand-in-hand with our extensive network of healthcare and renewable energy infrastructure experts, impact advisors, development finance organisations (DFIs), EPC+F providers, local governments, multilateral institutions, international government and non-government development agencies to identify and develop healthcare and renewable energy assets that deliver the highest level of financial return and social & environmental benefit.

Our established network of professional relationships, along with our proven method of blending public and private finance, materially de-risks projects pre- financial close and beyond, enabling strong financial return and sustainable impact.


Blended Finance is a method of emerging market financing that utilises public development funds to incentivise private investment in developing countries by materially contributing to the reduction of early stage capital risk. Such risk mitigation is an essential component in attracting private investment in emerging markets and addressing the estimated US$300 trillion funding imbalance between developed and developing countries.

Bridge Impact Capital uses Blended Finance to help unlock the estimated US$70 trillion in investment required to develop desperately needed healthcare, renewable energy and other infrastructure in Asia. We focus on attracting public finance to the early project preparation/pre-financial close stages of asset development, the part of the project cycle where it is hardest to attract private investment, yet where investment in infrastructure is most commercially attractive and impactful.


Our investments cover the three broad phases of the project life cycle:

We work alongside private co-investors and government finance institutions to fund qualified projects to financial close. Our investments in this phase are generally around US$2.5m to US$5m and sit alongside contributions from co-investors and non-recourse loans (and other finance) provided by government finance organisations, including DFIs.

We work alongside co-investors to provide the equity component to fund the construction phase of a project’s life cycle (particularly where we have developed and invested in the project through the Pre-Financial Close phase). Equity funding at this stage of a project’s development usually sits alongside debt capital provided by development finance institutions and EPC finance organisations at a debt/equity ratio of around 80:20. Our investments at this stage are usually circa US$10m to US$30m.

We also acquire equity in project assets once those assets have become fully operational. Our investments at this stage are circa US$50m to US$100m+.


We work closely with a wide network of experts in project finance, overseas development, government funding, private investment, environmental and social impact assessment, and healthcare & renewable energy infrastructure, to develop and invest in the highest quality project and assets.

“We firmly believe that one of the major factors in ensuring the future of our planet is for private investors and governments to work together to create sustainable change; and we are committed to continuing to lead the development and implementation of strategies that support that ideal.”

Matthew R Watson

Managing Partner – Bridge Impact Capital


Our leadership team is infused with a sense of purpose and embodies our shared cultural values around social equality and protection of the environment.

We have broad range of expertise covering overseas development, infrastructure and project finance (including EPC+F), blended finance, government funding, project development, investment and fund management, international corporate structuring, mergers and acquisitions and law.


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